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What is a performance guarantee?

E.S.S. is proud to offer an industry-leading performance guarantee with every solar and roofing system we install.

Is there a roof warranty?

In the event that E.S.S. makes incisions into your rood to install solar panels, we will offer a full 10-year roof warranty following the installation of the system. E.S.S. will completely cover any damage to your roof or home.

Is there an installation timeline guarantee?

E.S.S. is proud to offer a 60-Day installation timeline guarantee for qualifying projects. If your project qualifies, E.S.S. will commit to installing your solar system within 60 days from final design approval or we will cover a year's worth of your solar bill payments up to $2000.



How do I order solar for my home?

What is the status of my project?

How do I get in contact with my Sales Representative?

Can I cancel my order?

How long will it take from the time I order to installation of my system?


What is Givepower?

Givepower is a charitable organization focused on giving the fit of solar energy to those who need it most. E.S.S. is proud to donate to Givepower with every solar installation we complete. Every few months, E.S.S. sends a team of representatives to a remote location to install a solar system for a community in need alongside Givepower. Check out our latest videos, and look out for more information coming soon.

What is Pearl Certification?

Pearl Certification is the standard fort homes that go above and beyond to keep you comfortable, healthy, and save energy. Pearl aims to be the Carfax of home improvements by validation work done by contractors for homeowners. The certificate is transferable to any new home buyers and can help reassure new home buyers of the quality of their solar system.

E.S.S. is a Midwest solar installation company partnered with Pearl. Every E.S.S. customer will receive a Pearl certificate indication that the solar system installed consists of high-quality materials and was completed by a high-quality installation company.

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