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Extreme Storm Solutions Inc.

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E.S.S. Mission

"Where We Always Provide

You With A  Solution"

Extreme Storm Solutions is a general contractor committed to making a positive impact on local communities and their properties when they need it most!


We are experts at assessing all exterior and interior damage caused by a storm, old age, or anything in between. We excel at providing our clients with solutions to those unfortunate 

occurrences when they do happen. 


Our mission at Extreme Storm Solutions is to provide quality service and workmanship.

We guarantee customer satisfaction by providing

10 year labor warranties on all of our projects.  

Our areas of specialization include:

full roof replacements, full siding replacements, full garage builds, all interior work caused by leaks, pipes bursting, or just in need of a remodel such as replacement of kitchens, bathrooms, etc..

Extreme Storm Solutions has worked with many clients over the years in many different  circumstances and we are still here because of the solutions we provide and we are here to serve many more!

What We Provide 


A worry-free project? Say no more!

Experience is what sets E.S.S. apart & our dedicated team works with you from start to finish.

We focuses on ongoing communication, 24/7 inspection services, and free assessments.


E.S.S. assess all damages, prepares a written evaluation with the best possible solutions needed for each clients unique circumstance.

Quality Customer Service and Construction Management


We are experts when it comes to helping homeowners rebuild after storm damage occurs.

Our team will assess, photographs & document all damages to ensure best route to complete restoration of property.

We as your contractor work with you during your claim process to restore all damages.

E.S.S ensures every job we take on is built to the highest standard; correctly to code each and every time. We provide solutions that ensure your home is restored to the best of our ability 100 percent of the time!

Insurance Claims Contractor

Full Roof Replacement Includes

Architectural Shingles/ 3-tab/ Wood Shake 

A complete tear off of existing 2 layers of old shingles and replaced with customers choice of shingle. We protect building from damage during installation; removal of entire existing roof to sheathing. 

Shingle Roofing

TPO ( thermoplastic polyolefin) is a single-ply roofing membrane.  Heat-welded seams provide superior strength.

A TPO roofing system offers excellent performance at a cost-effective price.

Flat Roof/ TPO

Building a garage from the ground up is a complex process that requires knowledge and experience.

Hiring an experienced contractor is essential to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.


E.S.S garages are built perfectly to ensure years of safe and secure storage.

Full Garage Builds 


We Plan, We Build,

We Provide Solutions

We offer a comprehensive array of exterior and interior restoration services.

We are experts when it comes to rebuilding after storm damages occur. Our team will assess, photograph, & document all damages to ensure the best possible route and solution to complete restoration.

We are continually there for our clients from the inspection stage, to planning, building and post-construction management.

You can count on E.S.S. to provide quality services, 10 year labor warranties, and the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

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