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Join E.S.S. Operations

Join Our Operations Team and Be the Driving Force of Success

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Per Review

  • Positive online review (e.g., Google, Yelp): $10 per review.

  • Positive review on industry-specific websites or forums: $15 per review.

  • Review with detailed feedback or photos: $20 per review.

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Per Testimonial

  • Written testimonial for the website: $30 per testimonial.

  • Video testimonial: $50 per testimonial.

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Per Referral

  • Referral of a new customer who signs a contract: $100 per referral.

  • Referral of a new customer who signs a contract and completes the project: $250 per referral.

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Our Pricing

Review on Multiple Platforms


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Posting reviews or testimonials on multiple platforms (e.g., Google, Yelp, Facebook): Additional $10 per platform.

Customer Survey Participation


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Completion of a customer satisfaction survey: $10 per survey.

Social Media Reviews


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Positive reviews on social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter): $15 per review.

Price Breakdown / Conversion

At Extreme Storm & Solar Solutions, we clearly and generously compensate our staff for their actions!


Online Engagement


  • Commenting on and liking company social media posts: $2 per engagement.

  • Sharing company blog posts or articles: $5 per share.

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Social Media Shares


  • Share of a company post or project update: $5 per share.

  • Share of a promotional campaign: $10 per share.

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Case Study Participation

$100/case study

Participation in a detailed case study about their project: $100 per case study.

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